A dedicated, focused and sensitive family lawyer, Adam strives for justice on behalf of his clients who are often facing the most difficult challenges of their lives, financially and emotionally.  He began his career as a clerk at the leading criminal law firm Nyman Gibson Mirallis (Stewart) before taking on his first role as a solicitor at Oxford Lawyers in Parramatta, working under criminal law specialist solicitor, Zemerai Khatiz.  Adam and Khatiiz dealt with complex criminal cases, including the ‘Brothers For Life Murders’ in 2014. After his first interim hearing at the Parramatta Federal Magistrates Court, however, Adam realised his true calling was in family law and has remained committed to it ever since, handling a vast scope of matters for clients from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Adam continued his career at the prestigious firm of Boyd House & Partners in Sydney under renowned principal solicitor Kevin Emmanuel.  Specialising in family law litigation, Adam brought numerous matters before the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court of Australia.  He also gained ancillary experience in commercial and property law which now compliment his acumen in matrimonial causes.

In 2016, Adam formed Executive Legal with business partner and former barrister, Jahan Kalantar, mentoring junior staff while handling multi-faceted family law matters Australia-wide.  These cases included final trials before the Federal Circuit Court, and appeals before the full bench of the Family Court of Australia.  In 2018, he chose to establish a sole practice dedicated exclusively to family law, and as Adam Jones Solicitor, he has worked on increasingly complex areas of law including international anti-suit injunctions, the defence of sexual abuse allegations and intricate Child Support departure applications.

Adam has also founded a pro-bono arm of his legal practice, Dad’s Family Law, providing free legal advice to fathers and their supporters around Australia through town-hall style meetings held regularly in NSW, QLD and Victoria. Dad’s Family Law continues to provide access to justice for many self-represented litigators who would not otherwise qualify for funding by the various Legal Aid Commissions in Australia.

In addition to his work with fathers, Adam also volunteers at the Inner City Legal Centre in Kings Cross Sydney where he contributes free advice to the most marginalised members of the community in the area of family law.

Despite providing representation to a standard equivalent of a top tier firm, Adam offers his services in a more affordable and transparent fee structure.  His clients can feel comfortable calling him without the anxiety of being charged by the minute.

Apart from his legal qualifications Adam holds a Bachelor Arts from the University of Technology Sydney and a Masters of Digital Media from the University of New South Wales.  He has a Juris Doctor from the University of Technology Sydney, and is a member of the NSW Law Society.

Family law litigation is not a friendly business and should be avoided if a fair, negotiated solution can be reached. But sometimes the only way to reach a fair outcome is to put up a good fight and not compromise on the points that matter. While we always prefer a fair settlement, we don’t shy away from the family courts when required.