A dedicated, focused and sensitive family lawyer, Adam strives for justice on behalf of his clients who are often facing the most difficult challenges of their lives, financially and emotionally.  He began his career as a clerk at the leading criminal law firm Nyman Gibson Mirallis (Stewart) before taking on his first role as a solicitor at Oxford Lawyers in Parramatta, working under criminal law specialist solicitor, Zemerai Khatiz.  Adam and Khatiiz dealt with complex criminal cases, including the ‘Brothers For Life Murders’ in 2014. After his first interim hearing at the Parramatta Federal Magistrates Court, however, Adam realised his true calling was in family law and has remained committed to it ever since, handling a vast scope of matters for clients from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.


It’s important to get the balance right when making parenting plans after parental separation. Whether you need to protect your children from an abusive partner or re-gain time with children after they have been withheld, Adam Jones knows exactly what needs to be done with respect to divorce and family law, from the mediation table through to the Family Court.

Not sure who gets to keep the house after separation? There is no mathematical formula for splitting assets. Factors to consider include direct and indirect financial contributions. Domestic work including raising children and pregnancy are given equal weight under the law but there are many other factors that go into the overall asset split.

Divorce (or separation) is almost always a traumatic experience and indeed, one of life’s most stressful events. It is easy to become so embroiled in the emotion that people forget or do not consider important practical and legal issues that can have significant and long-lasting effect. Adam Jones can assist with the administrative process of obtaining a civil divorce in Australia.

Criminal law in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, is a complex and evolving legal Framework and Legislation. Criminal law in NSW is primarily governed by the Crimes Act 1900 (‘Crimes Act’), a comprehensive piece of legislation that outlines a wide range of criminal offences and their corresponding penalties.

Navigating the sensitive waters of separation or divorce is often accompanied by a series of significant life changes, including financial adjustments, changes in living arrangements, and emotional upheaval. One essential aspect that might be overlooked during this tumultuous time is reviewing and potentially revising your Last Will and Testament (‘Will’).